Hand Made Wooden Pens by Rodney Neep

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Each pen is individually hand made by Rodney Neep. No two pens are the same. They are unique!

Burr Elm (Amber coloured) Matching Pen & Pencil Set

The top two in the photo below are both Yew! This shows thew colour variations of this lovely wood.

Yew, Oak & Elm burr wood

Glorious variations in the colour of Burr Elm

A classy fountain pen in cocobolo wood

Rare Spalted Apple Art Pen

Rod Neep Art Pens
Art Pens. Osage Orange and Spalted Apple

Elm Burr pen & desk set by Rodney Neep
A small desk set in Elm burr, with a pen from the same piece of wood. 60mm high and 90mm wide, with an inset clock with a 45mm diameter bezel. At the six-o'clock position there is a small fingernail notch to be able to flip the clock out. The wood has a natural burr edge to the top and right side. A 10mm hole has been drilled into the top to take the pen. Both the pen stand and the pen are finished in Tru-oil.

Beautiful fountain pen in Black Poplar with Burr & Flame

A gorgeous twist action ballpoint pen in crocus acrylic.


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