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I am prepared to make and supply handles only
be aware that there may be problems for you


Handle Shapes


(Any material)

Inverse Tulip
(Resin or stone only)

Spiral in tulip base

Spiral in Inverse tulip

Ball & Bobbin
(Any material except burl & resin)

Pint glass
(Any material)

Short chubby
(Any material)

Tall Chubby
(Any material)

Short Dreadnought
(Resin or stone only)

(Resin or stone only)

Cones - various lengths - any material

Barrel (available in all material)

Other complex shapes may possible on request.



Let's get one thing VERY clear right from the start. When I make a shaving brush I make the handle to fit a particular knot. When I supply only a handle for you to fit your own knot, then YOU do the fitting. That usually means that you will need to scrape and open out the hole to fit YOUR knot. Don't exect your knot just to fit. It is quite probable that it will not. If you write and say that your knot will not fit the handle, then I will simply send you here to read this again.

Please read that warning again!

There are many different factors involved in fitting a knot.
Some factors that you must take into account

  • All knots are different
  • A 24mm knot may not fit into a 24mm bored hole in the handle.A knot will almost always fit easily into the next size hole up. For example, a 24mm knot can be used in a 26mm hole if the depth of the hole is 3mm or more than the height of the base plug on the knot.
  • Note that some brush knots are very slightly oversize at the base plug and therefore the hole bored in the handle needs to be opened out slightly for the knot. This is best done by scraping the sides of the hole with a scraper or strong sharp knife.
  • Some knots have a "hard base" extending several millimetres above the top of the plug. If set deeper than their natural loft, then they need to be set in a hole that is at least 2mm larger in diameter.  
  • When you glue a knot into the handle use 5 minute epoxy (two part). Take care not to use too much glue. Cyanoacrylate (super glue) is not satisfactory! Thick CA glue labelled as "gap filling" is not satisfactory as it remains liquid where the gap is too large.

Handles are drilled to required size and depth.
20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm

OK... many folks say to set the loft of your knot at 45mm to 50mm.
I am going to show you that there is a problem.

#1 rule : Always make the hole for the knot size and loft that you want to end up with.
In other words, start with the particular knot you are using, and make the hole fit IT

#2 rule: All knots are different. Which is why we obey rule #1

I am going to provide you with an illustration.
Here we have two "22mm" brush knots. (from different sources)
Both have the same total height (66mm), both have the same plug depth (8mm).

One (A) has a plug diameter of 22.5mm - that isn't going to even fit into your 22mm bored hole in the handle
The other (B) has a plug diameter of 21.5mm - that will fit into your 22mm bored hole.

(see, that is a very big BUT, and its in red too)

If you want to end up with a loft of 50mm, then your hole needs to be 16mm deep.
And THAT is where you will run into trouble.

I measured the diameter of those two knots at the 16mm depth, with the hairs squashed in the digital calipers as tight as they would go. In other words.... the diameter that your hole would need to be.

Brush A: 25mm
Brush B: 22.9mm (let's say 23mm)

Now, the total height of your knot may be different. But the same principles apply!

Handles are drilled to your required size and depth.
20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm
(It is possible to drill a stepped hole on request)

How to Order

Send an email to brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk

State the Following:

  • Handle material
  • Handle type (shape)
  • Extras such as spirals if required
  • Hole diameter for knot
  • Hole depth for knot (max 18mm)
  • Height of handle
  • Max diameter of handle
  • Waist diameter of handle (if applicable)
  • Finish required (wood and burl & resin only)


Price guide

Resin Handles
Resin Handle only standard (vase, chubby, cone) 70.00

Resin Handle only w. Spirals 80.00

Resin Handle only complex shapes from....


Burl & Resin and Special Resin
Handle only special resins* 90.00

Wood Handle only standard with Danish oil finish 105.00

Rare & exotic woods and burl woods with Danish oil finish

Stone handle only (tulip, chubby cone) 95.00

Stone Handle only w. Spirals 100.00

Stone Handle only complex shapes from...


  • Retro Deluxe handles with bronze, nickel silver or copper top sleeve ADD 10
  • *The special "burl wood & resin" materials are only available in "simple" shapes such as a vase, cone or chubby.
  • ** Wood handles are only available in "simple" shapes such as a Retro, vase, cone or chubby. 
  • Some expensive resins, (e.g. Forest Flame and Onyx) are priced as "special resins".


Shipping by carrier at cost:

UK: 4.40 (Royal Mail) or 10 (DHL)
Europe: 8.80 (Royal Mail)
USA 9.90 (Royal Mail or 15.84 (DHL)
Other countries (Royal Mail) 9.90

(Recorded and Tracked) 

What happens if I don't like the brush handle?

As each brush handle is unique to your order, I regret that no returns are possible.





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