Hand Made Luxury Shaving accessories by Rodney Neep


Ivory Substitute Shaving Brushes

Individually hand made by Rodney Neep
Each piece is unique!

Each piece has an individual serial number,
and comes with a certificate signed by Rodney Neep.


An artificial material that looks and feels just like real ivory. On most pieces you can even see a subtle grain. Some have thin lines giving an antique appearance.

This material is also available in the Verederer Elite and the Dreadnought shaving brushes.

If you see a brush here that is already sold, then I would be very happy to make one for you. (Most of my work is now done to special order, and I have little time to make brushes for stock).

Email me: brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk

Price guide

22/24mm silvertip
Tulip, Chubby etc.
26mm silvertip 75
28mm Silvertip 80
24mm Extra Dense Silvertip 83
26mm Extra Dense Silvertip 85
28mm Extra Dense Silvertip 90
Spiral scrolling ... add 5
Special Shapes such as Classical Vase 26 Extra silvertip 100


Each shaving brush  has an individual serial number, and comes with a certificate signed by Rodney Neep.

The greatest benefit from shaving brush use is the tendency to soften and lift facial hair before a shave. Applying shaving cream by hand mats hair or raises it unevenly. Aerosol foams don't soften and lift facial hair as much as real shaving soap foam applied with a brush, instead the aerosol foam is relatively dry with lots of large air bubbles. Real shaving soap produces a creamy lather.

Shaving brush use requires agitation of the soap or cream (usually in a cup or the wooden shaving soap holder) to form a lather suitable for a shave. Apply the lather to the face in a gentle circular motion, and leave for about a minute before shaving for the best results. With a good foamy cream produced by a brush a razor does not need to be pressed to the skin in order to provide a close shave.

What happens if I don't like the brush?

Buying sight-unseen on line from a photo on a web page is not always easy. I appreciate that. I am sure that you will like my brushes once you handle them, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, then assuming that you have not used the brush then first email me at brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk   and I will make a full no-hassle refund, (You pay the postage both ways). Brushes returned from overseas must be returned in the same packaging and celarly marked "Return to maker for full refund" on the customs slip, otherwise UK customs will charge import duty plus 20% VAT and then neither of us will be happy!

Ivory resin 
 & stainless steel shaving brush
The SS-GB. A very special one-off prototype "concept" brush made in grained ivory resin and stainless steel.
See more photos and details of it being made

A very special brush in stainless steel and ivory resin.
See SS-GE Brushes

#1129 - Special Custom Vase 24mm Extra Silvertip Badger - SOLD

My own brush after about 9 month's regular use. The extra silvertip blooms out nicely, but it still has lots of backbone.

Ivory shaving 
Special custom order - SOLD

 shaving brush
#1157 - Special custom order. A square section handle with rounded corners. 26mm Extra Silvertip Badger. (49mm loft). Looks simple, but very time consuming and not easy to make!

Ivory resin shaving brush & stand
Special custom order. Classical vase handled brush and stand. SOLD

Special custom order. Extra long handled brush in ivory resin with elm burl, with a matching razor and deluxe stand.

#675 22mm Extra Silvertip
My brush!

#673 21mm Super Badger. SOLD


#742 SIlvertip SOLD

#743 SIlvertip - Sold



#886 - Ivory Substitute - Cone

Ivory handled shaving brush

24mm Silvertip Badger

A polyester resin ivory substitute with subtle hints of grain just like real ivory.

A simple clean form with two turned grooves near the base of the handle. This shape is very secure in the hand even with slippery soapy hands.

  • Total Height: 111mm (a medium sized cone)
    Handle height: 51mm
    Diameter at top: 26.5mm
    Diameter at base: 35mm
    Knot: Silvertip badger. 24mm at the base,
    set to 60mm loft
    Lovely soft hairs
    Finish: Natural high gloss



#983 - Ivory Substitute

Ivory handled shaving brush

A lovely shape with the weight in the dumpy bottom. Note also the decorative spiral cut lines in the waist of the handle. It is quite hard to do this by hand on the lathe.

24mm Silvertip Badger

  • Handle height: 49.5mm
  • Diameter at top: 35.5mm
  • Diameter at waist: 30mm
  • Diameter at widest: 37mm
  • Brush knot: 24mm Silvertip Badger
  • Brush loft: 57mm
    A very good brush for face lathering due to the stiff backbone at the centre of the knot.



#1233 - Ivory & Amber Resin

A large heavy brush! A 28mm Extra Silvertip badger knot (the holy grail of knots) set into a top section of Amber Resin which has two decorative 1/8" half round beads. The grained ivory resin lower section starts with my special hand cut spriral grooves, and has two more 1/8" half round beadings.

  • Handle height: 59mm
  • Diameter at top: 37mm
  • Diameter at widest: 47mm
  • Diameter at base: 34mm
  • Brush knot: 28mm Extra SIlvertip Badger
  • Brush Loft: 48mm

This brush will handle everything in its stride, producing a fabulous rich creamy lather in a bowl, or a great face latherer due to the low set dense and stiff knot with a good backbone.


#918 - Mega Boar - Ivory Substitute 

Boar Bristle knot
27mm at the base of the knot and 64mm loft - white bristles

The "Mega Boar" brush is made with a very large "chubby" style handle. It is a huge brush! A good grip between finger and thumb on the upper parts, and your second finger wraps around the lower part for a secure hold.

This one has an experimental feature.... which worked!

The lower concave part of the handle has concentric spiral grooves cut into it. Not only for practical purposes with extra grip, but also because it just looks so good! It certainly has a lot of "phwoar!" factor.

Handle height: 51mm
Handle diameter: 46mm






#1135 - Special Ivory Vase
26mm Extra Silvertip Badger

 shaving brush

A very special shaving brush in ivory substitute made to my complex vase shape, incorporating hand cut concentric spiral grooves just below the top lip, and with a decorative spiral cut into the base. The handle has subtle hints of grain just like real ivory. A stunning looking brush that will whip up a very rich thick creamy lather.
  • Handle height: 57mm
  • Diameter at top: 32mm
  • Diameter at upper waist: 29mm
    With spiral grooves
  • Diameter at widest: 34mm
  • Diameter of base groove: 25mm
    (will fit into a tall type hanging stand)
  • Diameter at base: 35mm
  • Brush knot: 26mm Extra Silvertip Badger
    The "holy grail" of brush knots
  • Brush loft: 54mm
    A very good brush for face lathering due to the stiff backbone at the centre of the knot.




Razors are for illustration only and are NOT included

Stands are available from 40 (plus postage) Email: brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk



Heavy chrome base and fittings with a turned ivory resin column. The column has beading and spiral grooves to match the brush.

Shaving set in ivory resin
Elite shaving brush, stand and razor handle








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