Hand Made Luxury Shaving accessories by Rodney Neep



Stages in the making of a shaving brush

No mass production. Each brush is individually hand crafted. Every one of them is different.

The specification was to make a brush similar in design to one of my own (in ivory substitute) but in two woods. Boxwood and London Plane.

Making a shaving brush handle using two different woods presents quite a challenge. In this one, the customer wanted a brush with a Boxwood upper half and a London Plane lower part, and to a particularly demanding shape to make. 

Boxwood in a quality good enough for a shaving brush handle is difficult to obtain. It normally comes in relatively small diameter trunks, and when seasoned and dried it has a tendency to crack from the centre outwards.

Here we start with a "log" of Boxwood, which first needs to be turned to round. Our brush handle is going to be made from the left hand end.

Boxwood is a delight to turn on the lathe.

A small section of the wood is cut off, and mounted in the lathe chuck.

The end of the Boxwood has been squared off, and a shallow hole drilled to take the tenon in the piece of London Plane.

The two pieces are glued together, and left in the lathe for 12 hours under pressure while the glue dries.

.... and then the excess London Plane is turned down to make it true with the boxwood.

The wood is now reversed in the lathe. The boxwood will form the top of the handle.

The end is now drilled to take the brush knot. (In this case 24mm diameter).

.... and the knot test fitted, also checking the depth of the setting.

A hole is then drilled and threaded down the centre...

... ready to be mounted on the special screw chuck for final turning. (The threads in the wood have been sealed and hardened with very thin superglue to provide added strength to the threads in the wood).

Mounted up and ready to start turning.

Turned down and trued up, and the base of the handle turned to shape.

The handle now turned to shape and the waste parted off from the base.

All ready now for the acrylic finish to be added, and final sanding and polishing.

The finished brush.



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