Hand Made Luxury Shaving accessories by Rodney Neep


with a copper collar
and inset copper ring 

Stages in the making of a shaving brush

No mass production. Each brush is individually hand crafted. Every one of them is different.

The specification was to make a brush in Black Walnut, with a copper collar at the top and a copper ring in the body. 

Making a shaving brush handle using different materials presented quite a challenge, especially the copper ring embedded into the handle. Rather than have the copper ring at right angles to the axis of the brush, I decided to get "artistic" and set it at an angle.


A piece of Black Walnut about 50mm square, the copper collar with beading, and 16 SWG copper sheet to use for the inset "ring".

The first task was to turn the walnut from square to round on the lathe...

... and then divide it into three pieces for three shaving brush handles.

The end of one piece is drilled, and then threaded with a tap

and a small tenon turned in the end the same diameter as the inside of the copper collar.

The piece was then mounted onto my special screw chuck. (I have put some very thin CA glue into the threads in the wood to give it a bit more strength).

The cone shape roughed out

Then I used a fine toothed Japanese saw to cut off a section of the handle at an angle.

The piece was then used to roughly draw the outline of the shape on the thick copper sheet. The disc was then cut out of the sheet using a jeweller's saw.

I drilled two small holes in the copper disc and the wood and then inserted small pins to help register the disc onto the wood, as well as provide a little extra strength when the copper was glued to the wood.

CA adhesive applied to each side of the copper disc and the assembly clamped together using the tailstock of the lathe to apply pressure.

Most of the waste copper was removed with a file....

... and then the cone shape of the handle was turned down. Copper cuts very easily with normal woodworking lathe tools. The handle is sanded very smooth down to 2000 grit, which also polishes the copper....

.... and then 10 coats of acrylic finish added. The acrylic is then sanded down smooth and polished. This forms a 100% waterproof seal to the wood.

Finally, the copper collar is glued onto the small tenon on the top of the walnut handle.

The 26mm Super Silvertip Badger hair knot is then glued into the copper collar.



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