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No mass production. Each item is individually hand crafted.
Every one of them is different.


This is the handle that was made.

Many people like to have a custom made handle for their razor. I was asked so may times if I would make them that I finally got myself set up to do it.


The basic principle was to have a heavy brass rod inset the length of the handle to add weight, and to make a "coupler" to fit on the handle that would fit into the razor head.

First I had to figure out how to do it, and there's nothing better than a sketch on the back of an envelope.

Shown here with some of the parts.


This little piece looks deceptively simple, but I needed a way of mounting the handle into the lathe to do the turning. So first I had to make that piece. It has a 5mm threaded hole down the centre. The outside diameter is turned down to 12mm diameter, and there's a little step turned in the end..
The resin handle, with its heavy brass rod insert, screws onto this adaptor, held in a chuck on the lathe.

Now to start making the handle.

Turning the brass rod to size (in this case 7mm diameter) with a short section on the end which would be threaded 5mm.

The resin rod to be used for the handle

The finished brass rod to be inset into the resin. Note that the brass has been turned with a rough surface to provide a key when glueing it into the resin.

The hexagonal stainless steel coupler with an internal 5mm thread all the way through.

Plus the razor head and the lathe adaptor.

The resin for the handle is cut to length and centre drilled
Then a long 7mm drill used to drill out the hole down the centre of the resin rod.
The brass rod is glued into the resin with epoxy, with the threaded part protruding. The red tape is to prevent the glue getting into the threads on the end of the rod.

You can now see the 5mm threaded end of the brass rod sticking out from the resin.

That will be screwed into the stainless steel coupler (and glued to fix it in place), and the coupler will screw into the razor head.

It can actually be assembled at this stage. But really, we need some shape on that resin handle.

This is where the lathe adaptor comes into play. The threaded end of the handle (which will eventually be fitted to the coupler) screws into the lathe adaptor.

You will note a little shoulder on the adaptor. That is so that I can turn a small beading onto the top of the handle.

All mounted up and ready to be turned.
The handle can be turned to just about any shape. This is where the "art" comes into play, and where I can become creative. In this case there is a 1/8" round bead at the top, another bead near the bottom, and some hand cut spiral grooves. The whole handle tapers nicely.
The finished handle, screwed into the Merkur razor head.

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