Hand Made Luxury Shaving accessories by Rodney Neep



A unique design shaving brush by Rodney Neep

THE CLASSICAL VASE brush is designed to stand on its base or hang from a tall shaving stand. The waistline is usually decorated with hand cut spiral grooves. The style is such that the waistline is not so pronounced if a larger knot is used, as the amount of material between the brush knot and the outside is relatively thin. The style of handle works best with knots 22 to 25mm in diameter.

Rod Neep Shaving Brushes

You may place a special custom order for one of these brushes.
Email me at brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk

As each shaving brush is individually hand made, dimensions vary.


But I can make similar ones on request

shaving brush by Rod Neep

Rod Neep shaving brush

#1183 Gourd - Onyx Resin

Extra Dense Silvertip badger



#1191 Amber Resin Classical Vase

Above - #1290 Classical Vase in Kenya Steatite Stone

#1401- Ivory resin, with a coin inset into the base.

Rod Neep shaving brush
#1435 - Classical Vase in Kenya Steatite Stone

You may place an order for a brush in any resin or wood material (subject to availability). Email me at brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk







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