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Currently for Sale

A quick overview of the shaving brushes that I have in stock and
currently for sale

Most of the brushes that I make these days are to special customer order, and many others have already been sold, but I leave the photos there on the main web pages for inspiration in case you would like a custom made brush.

My shaving brushes are highly sought after, and these ready made brushes sell quickly!

#2270 - Snow Leopard Syntheric
See Retro Deluxe Brushes
Black palm shaving brush

#2189 - Black Palm large Chubby
Extra dense silvertip
See: Chubby Shaving brushes

#1881 - Afzelea Burl Square Brush
See Square Brushes

Pine cones set in copper resin
See Retro Deluxe Brushes

Tiger resin Retro
See Retro Brushes

Burl wood & green iridescent resin
See Retro Deluxe Brushes

#2409 Alpolina Faceted Barrel
See Barrel shaving brushes

Jasper Conglomerate stone
See Retro Deluxe Brushes

Amber resin. Celtic knot engraving
See Retro Deluxe Brushes

#2350 - SOLD
Quartzite stone with gold veins
See Retro Deluxe Brushes

Lignum Vitae shaving set
#2261 Lignum Vitae Shaving Set
See Shaving Sets

Another set similar to this in Pink Ivory is for sale.


#2297 - White quartzite stone & gold shaving set
See Shaving Sets

#2298 - Black Chromite stone and gold shaving set
See Shaving Sets


#2323 - Dreadnought in Banded Malachite stone

See Dreadnought Brushes

 stone deluxe shaving brush

#2326 - Retro style brush in Black Chromite Stone with Gold Veins
See Retro Brushes

Jade chubby shaving brush

#2221 Jade Resin Chubby
See Chubby Shaving brushes


Molten Copper & Black

See Retro Deluxe Brushes

Mammoth Ivory
See Retro Deluxe Brushes

London Plane (Sycamore)
See Retro Deluxe Brushes

#2342 Gemini - Copper granules & black


See Gemini brushes

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