Hand Made Luxury Shaving accessories by Rodney Neep



One of the old classic designs of shaving brush, given a new lease of life by making them in different sizes and with various materials.

vase shaving brush

zebra shaving brush



#2343 - Copper Flow Vase Shaving Brush

A one-off experimental resin of bright shiny copper dust cast into a black resin with a flowing metal effect. It literally glistens in your hand when you move it in the light.

A unique shaving brush!

Handle height: 66mm
Diameter: 35mm
Diameter at waistline: 27mm
Knot: 26mm Two Band Manchurian Badger
Knot Loft: 53mm

Price 90
plus shipping by DHL
(UK next day, USA 1-2 days)
For EU and the rest of the world I will send by Royal Mail post instead). Important - Please make a note of your phone number in the comments section when checking out with Paypal. The carriers will need to know that.

within hours!

But I can make similar ones on request
Email: brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk

Leopard skin tall handle shaving brush

#1228 - Leopard

Slender and tall, a beautifully shaped handle in leopard resin.

  • Handle height: 78mm
  • Diameter at widest: 36mm
  • Diameter at narrowest: 24mm
  • Diameter at base: 36mm
  • Knot: 25mm Silvertip Badger
  • Knot loft: 50mm

Lower loft with a good backbone for face lathering, whilst retaining the soft tips of the silvertip badger











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